Volunteers help clean up Milwaukee's Harambee neighborhood

MILWAUKEE -- Some Milwaukee business people ditched the suits, and ties and got their hands dirty to clean up a Milwaukee neighborhood. 40 volunteers from Wells Fargo and Rockwell Automation pitched in to help clean up Milwaukee's Harambee neighborhood.

Nadia Ocheng from Wells Fargo says, "This is another way to help give back, and help people in our own community have a better neighborhood."

Darryl Johnson from Riverworks Development Corp. says, "This is more of a pride project for the neighborhood to show that we don't have to have terrible looking vacant lots in the area."

This clean up project was started a year ago, and is led by people who live in the Harambee neighborhood. They tell FOX6 they don't want it to go back. Neighborhood resident Adrian Spencer says, "We kind of got tired of this area being a dumping area."

This neighborhood clean up project kicks off United Way's Days of Caring campaign. In addition to volunteer work, Wells Fargo and Rockwell Automation donated a combined $40,000.