VIZIO’S newest TV sets come with a remote control tablet

MILWAUKEE -- VIZIO is breaking new ground once again by including a remote control tablet with certain new TV's.

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The company recently announced their P-Series televisions, which feature a 6-inch Android tablet as the remote control. The tablet comes with the new VIZIO SmartCastapp pre-installed that lets you search for and play content from a wide variety of streaming services.

VIZIO's P-Series TV also feature HDR, or high dynamic range, which means colors are more vibrant than ever. They also have Google Cast built in - which is like having Google Chromecast without any additional equipment plugged into the back of your TV set.

Additionally, VIZIO gave us a sneak peek of their new speaker line. Their new soundbar is super sleek and thin - just 2 by 2 inches. Then there are two new wireless speakers - theCrave Pro and Crave 360. The Crave Pro is meant to stay put in a room, while the Crave 360 lives on a wireless charging dock and includes a rechargeable battery so you can bring it anywhere and enjoy music for up to 8 hours.

Both of the new speakers include Google Cast, which means you can wirelessly send music to them from a variety of apps including Spotify and Pandora, without the need for Bluetooth. You can also link up several speakers for a whole house music experience similar to SONOS.

VIZIO hasn't announced price or availability for the new speakers just yet; the new P-Series TV's start at about $1,000 for a 50 inch set.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the TV's do come with a regular remote as well - it's just very basic.