Village of Mukwonago looks to rehome problem beavers backing up retention pond

Village of Mukwonago

MUKWONAGO -- Beavers are to blame for backing up a city-owned retention pond in the Village of Mukwonago. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says the city can legally terminate the animals but village officials are going in a different direction.

"We can only determine by the size of the dam there is at least two," said Village of Mukwonago Public Works Director, Ron Bittner.

Village of Mukwonago

Ron Bittner, director of the Village of Mukwonago Public Works, says the fur bearers have taken residence in a city retention pond.

Ron Bittner

"The dam they have built created an impoundment that overflows into a ditch that was designed to transfer water to the storm water pond," said Bittner.

This means water runoff is not being filtered properly. Bittner says, the village considered letting the beavers stay and finding a workaround, however...

"Beavers are rather resourceful and what we can tear down in one day, they can rebuild overnight," said Bittner.

Back in town, Dan Thomas also deals with water-dwelling creatures. He feels if the beavers are creating too many problems perhaps it's best to relocate them.

Village of Mukwonago

Dan Thomas

"I sort of agree it's best to re-home them, find a new place for them versus knocking it down and letting them fend for themselves sort of thing," said Thomas.

Terminating the beavers is a legal option, instead the village is going with relocation.

"Right now our course of action is we're looking to relocate the beavers," said Bittner. "It's not the recommendation of the DNR, there are issues with relocation."

The village says, there is no hard timeline on every location that depends on finding a suitable environment for the beavers to be moved out.

Village of Mukwonago