Vigil planned for Friday for boy struck, killed by minivan

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner confirmed Thursday evening that six-year-old Christopher Wade, Jr., struck by a minivan Tuesday evening has died. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning, April 20th.

Christopher was in critical condition after being struck by a minivan just before 5:30 Tuesday evening, April 17th near 51st and Meinecke.

A vigil is planned for Friday night, April 20th to remember Christopher. The vigil will be held at 51st and Meinecke at 6:00 p.m.

Earlier Wednesday, April 18th, Milwaukee police officials reported that the child had died. Wednesday night, a police spokesperson released new information that the boy was in critical condition. The spokesperson says that earlier in the day police had been supplied with erroneous information regarding the boy's condition.

Milwaukee police say the 22-year-old van driver didn't have a valid driver's license, and was taken into custody for operating without a license, causing great bodily harm.

Christopher's friends say he was with his older brother and cousin when he was struck.

FOX6 News obtained cell phone video Wednesday showing the scene that left people traumatized. The cell phone video shows medical crews rushing to Christopher's aid.

One family says they can only speculate that the 22-year-old van driver was speeding, but said the look on his face after hitting the boy said it all. "He was scared and he didn't go nowhere. He stood there until the police came and I thank God he did that," one neighbor said.

Dajohn Kelly is friends with Christopher's older brother, Timothy. "He came up here and asked if I could come outside, and I said I was washing dishes, and then after a few minutes, after he left, his brother got hit by a car. It was kind of sad, because I've never seen anybody actually get hit like that - never seen a person laying in the street like that," Kelly said. Kelly said he is thankful his chores kept him out of harm's way, and that he was not across the street playing basketball with his friends.

Parents in the area say they are concerned for their childrens' safety, given the proximity of where the six-year-old was struck, and the schoolyard where kids play. "Kids cross that street every day too, and I think they should put speed bumps or something, to slow these cars down. I hope it doesn't happen again," one parent said.

The driver in question hasn't officially been charged, but police say he is cooperating with the investigation.