Vigil held Monday night for woman killed in SUV vs. bus crash

MILWAUKEE -- Community members gathered Monday night, April 23rd to pay respects to 27-year-old Contessa Holt, who died Friday, April 20th after her SUV collided with a bus at 20th and Highland.

The crash killed Holt and injured two others. It happened just before 8:00 p.m. Friday, when officials say Holt may have run a red light at the intersection, striking the school bus carrying one passenger. Holt was killed, and the driver of the bus and the five-year-old passenger were taken to the hospital.

"He's stable. He's strong," Jessica Howell said about her son who was the one aboard the bus. "He was on the bus with his cousin. They were heading home and tragedy struck."

The collision was tragic for everyone involved, especially Howell who spent Friday night and all day Saturday at Children's Hospital with her son, Corey. Howell's niece was driving the bus with her son as a passenger and Holt was a long time friend.

"We grew up in church. As a kid we known each other from when we was young," Howell said. "My heart really goes to her and her family."

According to Howell, her son suffered two fractures in the accident and was in the hospital under observation. "He's got one on his skull and then one by his eye," Howell said.

While she has not slept since Friday, Howell says that this entire situation has been hard to comprehend. "I sat there (asking) is anyone going to wake me up? Somebody shake me. Is this real? She was so young. It is hard to stomach," Howell said.

After being treated at the hospital, Howell says that her niece was released. Meanwhile, she says that her son is stable and strong. He spent Saturday resting at the hospital. "He's tired. He's watching his favorite movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' He's better," Howell said.

Howell said she just can't stop thinking about the loss of her long-time friend. "We're swallowing it okay I guess," Howell said holding back tears. "When the day comes that we go and see her away, then it will really hit me."