Vietnam veteran helps Cleveland police make arrest after suspect escapes

CLEVELAND (WJW) - Video captures how a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran helped Cleveland police finally control a suspect after he escaped from a police car. 

The incident happened on Public Square in December.

“They needed help," John Gogerty told WJW. “I helped ‘em. Helped the police officer ‘cause they were in need."

Gogerty said he couldn’t just stand back and watch officers struggle.

Records show police had Dylan Stump in their patrol car after he was arrested on a warrant tied to a burglary ring. Police said Stump broke the door handle, then escaped from the back seat.

Video shows an officer run after him and captures him on Public Square. But then, as officers adjust his handcuffs, Stump resists officers again.

“After that, it was like, ‘boom’. More of a tussle. More of a tussle," Gogerty said.

The video shows the veteran stepping in to help officers gain control of their suspect. On the video, you can also see Gogerty hurt his hand.

He said that won’t stop him if there’s ever a next time. He knows what he did was appreciated.

In the video, you see an officer shake hands with John Gogerty and say, “Take care brother.” With another handshake you hear, “From one veteran to another…”

Court records show Stump indicted with six other people for an eight-month burglary spree. Cleveland police plan to go to a grand jury to tack on more charges for what happened in this incident.