Video shows teacher blindsiding 4-year-old special needs student, knocking him to the ground

TIFTON, GA – A Georgia special education teacher has resigned after disturbing surveillance video emerged, allegedly showing her slamming a boy to the ground.

Video shows Amelia Stripling walking down the hallway to her classroom on March 17 when she sees one of her students blocking the door.

The boy doesn't notice his teacher behind her when she slams her knee into his back, sending him sprawling face-first to the ground, according to the boy's mother, Sarah Patterson. The boy had just turned 4 years old Wednesday, Patterson told WALB.

The boy was not seriously hurt, according to school officials, but the incident is being investigated by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Patterson has obtained an attorney.

Stripling, who has worked in the school system for more than two decades, quit her job in the wake of the video.

School district officials have not returned calls to confirm whether or not she has hired a lawyer.

Stripling's bio has since been taken off the school's website.