Video shows great white shark taking bite out of kayaker’s catch

LOS ANGELES - A kayaker fishing near Los Angeles captured amazing video of a great white shark as it came up from the water to take a bite out of his catch.

Bill Morales had just caught a small leopard shark Wednesday afternoon when he said he was suddenly jerked backwards.

Although Morales found himself in a tug-of-war with a great white shark, he still managed to grab his camera.

"I had the camera in one hand and I had the shark in the other hand ... I had to move my arm back and forth like a piston so that it wouldn't just pull me over," Morales told KTLA.

Morales can be heard saying in the video, “A great white got my shark,” as his girlfriend floated in another kayak about 50 feet away.

The video showed the great white thrashing in the water as it tore at the smaller catch.

Morales thinks the great white was about 8 to 10 feet long, but said he had no fear during the encounter.

“That’s the first close encounter of a great white,” Morales said, adding that he thinks he once saw one at night, but nobody believed him.