Video shows deer run through glass pane into Arkansas courthouse

WYNNE, Ark. — Surveillance cameras recorded a deer as it broke into an Arkansas courthouse Monday afternoon, startling employees and patrons before being safely removed.

Video shows the deer running outside Cross County Courthouse in Wynne before it slams headlong into a glass pane, shattering it, before sliding into a counter inside the courthouse, according to KFSM.

County Collector Debbie Davis said she had a front row view when the doe came bursting in.

“I heard a loud boom and looked up and saw glass shattering everywhere," Davis said. "I asked myself, ‘was someone playing a trick on me?’”

Photos showed blood spots on the floor – presumably from cuts the deer suffered when breaking the glass. Law enforcement and officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission managed to corral the panicked animal and safely release it.

"They actually let loose through the the jail's sallyport unharmed," Davis told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "They just opened the door because that is where they had it trapped and guided it out. The doe did cut itself breaking through the glass, but I assume it wasn't too bad or they wouldn't have let it go."

Davis said the courthouse, located at 705 E. Union Ave., is right in the middle of Wynne, a town of about 8,000 located roughly 50 miles west of Memphis.