Video: Iowa man learns he's going to be a dad, his reaction -- priceless

Couples are getting more and more creative every day -- to break the news that they are expecting. There are baby cakes and exploding things that reveal blue or pink.

But in this case, it was a simple gift that ended up bringing tears to the man who will be a father. Just watch.

The shirt read: "I made a new human."

Tara Elizabeth posted that video on Facebook -- and later, on Valentine's day, she wrote the following:

"Jonathan, JT, babe... I have been wanting to post the video of when you found out for the first time that you were going to be a father.
This video still takes my breath away, just as it did while I videotaped you opening up your greatest gift.... (until that sweet little baby arrives in July). I waited a whole week for that shirt to come in the mail so I could tell you in a special way....because you deserve nothing less...and it did at 945pm...I remember "hearing the mailman and wanting to go get the mail" Although my phone notified me that my package arrived... that I waited what felt like a lifetime to be delivered.

"I love you, I love the way you love me. I love how amazing you are with A and B...I know you will be an amazing, fun, loving and doting father and I cannot wait to share this journey with you"