"Very stressful: Popular Legends Bar and Grill in Oconto County destroyed by fire

OCONTO COUNTY -- A popular bar and grill in Oconto County was destroyed by fire Monday, June 12th.

Firefighting efforts were complicated by power outages from a storm that rolled through on Sunday night. Water had to be trucked in to help fight the fire.

By Tuesday morning, Legends Bar and Grill had been reduced to rubble.

The assistant fire chief said manpower was also an issue.

"It's very stressful. It doesn't take long and the heat does you in, so I got to pull some of the guys off the line and get them to cool down, recuperate a little bit, hydrate them again so they can go back out," Les Steffeck, Suring Fire Department said.

The power outage also caused the restaurant to close early, so nobody was inside when it caught fire.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

One neighbor reported hearing a loud boom right before it started.