"Very positive, very helpful:" Haircuts, other resources made available for Milwaukee's homeless

MILWAUKEE -- Barbers from across Milwaukee donated their time on Monday, March 7th to provide a positive change for others.

They provided free haircuts for the homeless at Abiding Faith Fellowship Church.

Other groups, like Planned Parenthood and the Irish Community Health Center helped with the event.

Haircuts weren't the only thing provided. There were also mental health assessments, clothing, hygiene kits and housing resources available.

"It feels good. She's doing a good job and as far as down here, beautiful, excellent. It was really an excellent turn out. Very positive, very helpful. Especially the housing people that were down here. They were very helpful as well," Dione Hawthorne said.

The event's organizer said they were expecting about 30 people to attend, but within the first two hours, more than double that showed up.