Utah man confronts woman caught on camera stealing package from his porch

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- A Utah man is getting national attention after he tracked down and confronted a woman who apparently stole packages from his porch, according to KSTU.

"I was determined to find the lady, and I had the inkling to drive around the neighborhood and look for her," Salmon said.

Salmon said a package for his pregnant wife was delivered to his house on Monday. Before Salmon could retrieve the package, a woman stole it from the family's front porch.

A doorbell camera captured video of the woman. Within an hour, Salmon posted the video to Facebook. A neighbor spotted the woman's van around the corner and alerted Salmon.

"Honestly, two streets down? Stupid criminal. If you're going to steal something in a neighborhood, why would you stay in the same neighborhood," Salmon said.

When he confronted the woman, she denied stealing the package.

"I was like, 'We have proof that you took it' and she said 'No,'" Salmon said. "I said 'No, look,' and pulled out my cell phone with her picture from my doorbell."

The woman eventually gave Salmon the package. After noticing additional packages in her car, he called police.

"She took off and did a U-turn on somebody's lawn to get away," Salmon added.

Salmon admits he was caught up in the moment, and the better option may have been to call police first. As of Wednesday evening, police have not identified the woman in the video.