US Marshals seek Donald Jordan for 'suffocation and strangulation of 2 different women'

MILWAUKEE -- A fugitive described as jealous and explosive is on the run. The U.S. Marshals say he is wanted for strangling not one, but two women. Thankfully, both survived.

It took seven months for Donald Jordan to show an ex-girlfriend he was no Valentine.

"He got upset grabbed her and started choking her. So she was in and out of consciousness," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case. "I could see this happening again in the future.

U.S. Marshals are asking the public for any information that can lead to the arrest of Jordan, 47. There are two open warrants for his arrest. They involve different ex-girlfriends.

"Suffocation and strangulation of two different women," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case.

The latest warrant against him was filed in 2018. According to Milwaukee police, the victim broke up with Jordan after an argument.

"His girlfriend at the time broke up with him and she allowed him to use his car the day after they broke up -- and when he returned her car, he didn't want to give it back," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case.

Jordan also showed signs of intoxication. The incident unfolded near 37th and Kiley Avenue. The victim told police Jordan placed her in a chokehold and then threw her to the ground.

"She was somehow able to get to the apartment building and close the door on him so he couldn't follow her," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case.

But Jordan's rage clearly boiled over.

"She watched him damage her car, he started ripping out the door handles and beating the car," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case.

It was only after this incident the victim learned the suspect was charged with doing the same thing to another woman in 2017. Jordan's booking photos show he is balding and normally spots a beard.

"If you are helping our Jordan in any way, turn him in. He does have jealousy issues and gets upset easily," said the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case.

U.S. Marshals discourage anyone from providing aid to Jordan.

Anyone with information on Jordan's whereabouts is urged to call the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.