US Marshals capture escaped Missouri inmate living 'off the grid' in Delaware

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The U.S. Marshals Service has captured an escaped Missouri inmate in a wooded area in Delaware where he was living "off the grid."

Drake Kately, 27, escaped from the Mercer County Jail for the second time Sept. 4, where he was being held on firearms charges, parole violation for a burglary and a previous escape charge.

Kately escaped by tearing a hole in the back wall of his cell with a board and going up through the basement door, according to KTTN.

Shortly after his escape, the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers sent out an alert saying that Kately, who is from the Kansas City area, may be hiding in the metro.

During the course of the investigation, though, detectives learned that Kately was likely in Delaware where he had traveled with another person who had family in the area.

On Tuesday, the Marshals Service searched a wooded area in Wilmington where they suspected Kately may be living "off the grid."

They found Kately hiding in a shack he'd made from leaves around a fallen tree. His clothes were hanging from a  tree branch.

Kately is currently in the custody of the New Castle County Police Department and is facing extradition back to Missouri.