Unseasonably warm temps draw people outdoors Tuesday

MILWAUKEE -- It was a mix of sun and clouds, and temperatures in the 50s on the last day of January in the Milwaukee area, and some ventured outdoors to soak in this rare mild day!

January 31st was warm, sunny and windy - the perfect day to fly a kite! "Our friends were coming to fly kites, and asked if we'd like to come," Sabitri Silver said.

Silver and her kids couldn't refuse the invitation to get out and soak up the sun Tuesday. Miriam Ramirez and her friends also spent the day taking in the beautiful weather along Milwaukee's lakefront. They say it was too nice to be indoors! "It is beautiful. I was surprised, actually. We just decided to come down here and it's beautiful by the lake, so we just wanted to talk a walk," Ramirez said.

There were two long lines of cars waiting to be washed at the Octopus Car Wash on Green Bay Road Tuesday. "When it's warm like this and the snow lightens up, everybody wants to get the salt removed from their vehicles. Sometimes it gets really hectic," Marcus Jackson said.

FOX6 spoke with a gardening expert Tuesday who says gardeners shouldn't worry. At this time, the warm temperatures won't force the plants out of dormancy. The problem will come if the warm temperatures are followed by days of single-digit temperatures. In that case, some branches may die.