Union Grove ceremony marks 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attacks

UNION GROVE -- Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 marked the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the United States into World War II, and seven decades later, people commemorated the attacks at ceremonies throughout the nation. Folks stopped to reflect Wednesday at Union Grove's Wisconsin Veterans Home.

"They used six aircraft carriers, two battleships, three cruisers, six destroyers, and 23 full-sized fleet submarines for this attack," World War II Veteran Walter Stenavich said during Wednesday's ceremony.

On December 7th, 1941, Robert Feller Sr. survived the attacks at Pearl Harbor. "I had a cousin at Pearl Harbor that day, too. He's passed away now, but he wouldn't talk about anything," Feller said. The Verona native says he's happy to see people talking about and honoring the sacrifice soldiers made seventy years ago. Feller and other veterans say they're particularly happy to see young people, such as the students with the Union Grove High School Choir contributing to helping preserve our country's history. "People tend to forget history. I don't want it to be forgotten," Feller said.

A similar Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony was held in King, Wisconsin. Both ceremonies had at least one Pearl Harbor survivor present.