Unedited 911 calls from Bo Morrison shooting released

SLINGER -- The release of unedited 911 recordings following the shooting of 20-year-old Bo Morrison on a Slinger porch may help some fill in the blanks but for Morrison's mother, it's prompting more questions and further examination.

The 911 call was made from the Slinger homeowner Adam Kind's home by Kind's wife, just minutes after Morrison was shot and killed.

The newly-released, unedited version of the March 3rd 911 call comes with several supplemental reports containing details about Kind's words as he made his way to their home's back porch, with a loaded 45-caliber revolver.

Kind's wife says she heard him say "What are you doing in my house" twice, and then "Stay where you are" twice. Then she says she heard a single shot fired.

One passage in the reports contains an illustration of the home's floor plan, including the layout of the back porch, where the bullet made a hole in one wall.

FOX6 News tried to speak with Morrison's mother but she declined comment.

The Washington County District Attorney, in declining to press charges against Kind based on the evidence, said the shooting was in self-defense and justified.

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