Under scrutiny, Butler PD faces community for parade on Fourth

BUTLER (WITI) -- Police officers in Butler are accused of watching porn on the job, and worse. Under scrutiny for some pretty ugly behavior, the Village of Butler Police Department faced its community during Thursday's Fourth of July parade.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department recently released a scathing report on the Village of Butler Police Department. Investigators say nearly the entire department viewed pornography on work computers while on the job — and that’s not all.

The nearly 350-page report was released by the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, and the investigation began with a complaint against the Butler Police Chief.

In the report, the Butler Police Department, in the heart of tiny Butler is called “dysfunctional” — a “frat house” that was permeated with elements of “racism and pornography.”

In a department with just seven officers, five are accused of viewing pornography on work computers and cell phones in a practice described by one employee as “porn in the morn.”

Jesse Thyes is the village administrator. He says an investigation was launched in February, after a village employee made a complaint against Police Chief Michael Cosgrove. Cosgrove later retired.

"I felt bad for them -- I did. When I walked out of my condo it popped into my mind because they usually start the parade and end the parade," a Butler resident told FOX6 News.

On the Fourth of July, the Village of Butler Police Department kept with tradition by taking part in the parade.

"Every time we stopped and talked to people, they were very receptive saying 'thanks for doing what you're doing' and very supportive overall," Interim Butler Police Chief David Wentlandt said.

Wentlandt says the parade was an opportunity to move forward.

"It's overall been positive with regards to everybody that we talked to.  They are very supportive. They want to keep their police department here, and we have been very well received," Wentlandt said.

"In my opinion, everybody makes mistakes. I think they do their job. I feel safe here," a Butler resident said.

Wentlandt is one of two final candidates being considered to be the new Butler Police Chief.

Opinions were mixed among the crowds when asked whether the village should hire from within or bring in an outside candidate.

There is no timeline for when the decision will be made.