Unclaimed cash: Milwaukee County has $2.2M waiting for people to claim it

MILWAUKEE -- There is more than $2 million in Milwaukee County just sitting, waiting for people to come and claim it.

David Cullen, Milwaukee County Treasurer

Thousands of people are owed tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars for things like jury duty or bail refunds.

"It just sits there," said David Cullen, Milwaukee County Treasurer. "The biggest number on this year's form is $66,000."

Why doesn't the county just give the money back? Cullen said he did some research to find the person owed $66,000, but he had trouble finding him.

FOX6 News tried to find people on the list too. In more than three hours of knocking on last known addresses, we had no luck tracking anyone down. By state statute, the county is only required to publish this list in the newspaper every two years. So if a person never checks the list and finds their name, the money will continue to sit.

"It's still their money, so they should get it," Cullen said.

You can find the unclaimed funds list at the treasurer's office and at any county library. You can also find the 2019 list (along with lists dating back to 2011) online by CLICKING HERE.