Unauthorized company soliciting donations for burn camp

WEST ALLIS -- Scammers are piggy-backing off the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety's burn camp - attempting to steal your money!

Officials say telemarketers are asking for donations to the West Allis Burn Camp, but the West Allis Burn Camp doesn't exist! Telemarketers apparently ask for a credit card before addressing specific questions about the cause.

If you have questions, complaints or fear you have been scammed, contact Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety at (262) 325-1958.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety is a nonprofit organization with a mission, “To promote, encourage and foster fire safety, burn prevention and public fire safety education.”  The organization supports burn survivors of all ages as well as sponsorship of the “Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth," a specialty camp for children ages 7-17 years. The organization does not solicit funding through telemarketing.