Two thefts leave religious school with no computers at all

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Sharon Junior Academy School -- a religious school in Milwaukee, will be starting the 2013-2014 school year without computers, after two thefts in recent months has left the school with no computers at all.

The school, located near 13th and Meinecke doesn't want to have to give up -- opening its doors to the community, and letting kids in the neighborhood use its gym and play basketball, but what has happened lately leaves them no choice.

A school official says the kids were devastated after two thefts left the school without any computers. The contents of the entire computer lab were taken, including monitors, computers, laptops, desktops, keyboards and cables.

The school's adjoining church hasn't been able to raise enough funds to buy new equipment, and now, the 43 students who attend Sharon Junior Academy will be without.

"My heart just really goes out because we don't want to bring our young people back and begin to teach them the things they need to be successful as they go on to high school and then go onto college and we still don't have the computers. We know that technology is very significant in our world today," a Sharon Junior Academy official said.

Now, any money raised may be used to do something the church and school never imagined: reinforce and lock the doors they wanted to have open for all.

"I just can't believe it that somebody would come into the school and take every computer. Every one.  And just walk out the door as if they could care less about the education of the children in this community and it's really just hard to believe that somebody would do that," a Sharon Junior Academy official said.

The people at the school suspect someone who would come to open gym stayed in the building at night, and took the computers at that time.

Police have not been able to make any arrests.