Twinkies are back on store shelves in southeast Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a big day for Twinkies lovers as the cream-filled sponge cake is making its triumphant return!

"I'm excited because I loved them when I was growing up many years ago and now my grand kids will be very happy that they`re back too because I always had them in the house when they came over," says shopper Carol Sarnowski.

When Hostess went bankrupt, many shoppers feared they would never see Twinkies on store shelves again.

That's why Monday has been a big sigh of relief.

"Now I heard they`re back, yeah. I jumped, I jumped  for joy. I just can`t wait to grab my first box of Twinkies," says shopper Steven Olson.

"I saw it on the news last night so that`s why we`re shopping, says Shannon Lorenz as she was shopping with her children.

After the new owners bought Hostess out of bankruptcy, production kicked into high gear.

Roundy's officials are expecting swift sales in all of its 161 stores across 3 states.

"We started working with the new owners back in April. We had a kickoff meeting with them and at that point in time they told us that Twinkies will be coming back in the store in July. So we've been working ever since then on the logistics to get them in here," says Roundy's Vice-President of Communications Jim Hyland.

You can also expect a change in the new Twinkies.

It's shelf life is now 45 days, versus the previous 26 days.

But for most people Twinkies never lasted that long anyway.

"Eat them right away, gone within the week," says shopper Marcelino Guerrero

You can also find Hostess Cupcakes and Donettes in stories on Monday.

Hoho's, Zingers, Brownie Bites, and Mini Muffins will be released later this week, and you can plan to see Snowballs and Suzy Q's in September.