Tuesday's primary first election after Voter ID Law passed

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin voters will notice a big change for Tuesday's spring primary election. Voters will have to show their photo ID to get a ballot and vote. It's required under the new Voter ID Law, and Sunday, pastors worked to make sure people are prepared.

Tuesday's primary election is the first election for which the Voter ID Law will be in effect, and there is confusion as to what is required in order to get a ballot. "This is an election year, and people don't want to get to the polling booths and not have the necessary information, and get discouraged and go home, and an opportunity that has been given to them to vote is lost," Deacon Keith McAlister with Providence Baptist Church said.

Pastor Joe Games at Providence Baptist Church in Milwaukee asked church members Sunday to stand up during services if they have a valid photo ID. Pastor Games says he will post information about the new voter ID requirements on the bulletin board at the church for those who have questions.

The church thought Sunday's services would be a good opportunity to discuss the voter ID requirements, with everyone in one place. Church members are doing their part as well. Tynnetta Jackson has been going to different churches, getting the word out. "I've been instrumental, and have been a part of getting the information out in the community in any way we can," Jackson said.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board says voter photo ID is the biggest change to Wisconsin elections since 18-year-olds became eligible to vote in the early 1970s. The GAB says they do not anticipate major problems with implementation of the new law during Tuesday's primary election.

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