Tuesday marks 10-year anniversary of fall of Hussein regime

BAGHDAD (FOX) -- Tuesday, April 9th marks the ten-year anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. The cost and reminders of the fall are all over Iraq.

The plinth (or base) of Saddam's statue is still in Firdous Square -- empty. The removal of the statue, when opposition supporters gathered to see it pulled from its plinth, is no doubt one of the most vibrant images of the fall of Baghdad in 2003.

Some fear there's still no sign of stability settling in the country.

Fingerprints of American occupations, like U.S. car dealerships, have taken on a great presence in the capital. Still, there are checkpoints across Iraq with security troops using detectors to check passing cars. That's causing traffic jams and delays on a daily basis.

Even though you can see five-star hotels in Baghdad, there are many Iraqis living below the poverty line. The less fortunate are forced to collect plastics and bottles from the dump to survive.