Tucker Balisteri sentenced to three years in prison, must register as sex offender

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced 19-year-old Tucker Balisteri on Monday, July 27th to three years in prison and another five years of extended supervision.

Balisteri pleaded guilty on May 29th to a single count of possession of child pornography. A second count was dismissed along with 11 other counts of disorderly conduct.

Balisteri previously told investigators he had been secretly taking photos of girls in his school, underneath their skirts, without their knowledge.

Court documents say that bad decision making began in Balisteri's freshman year and continued. Balisteri’s alleged postings on a porn sharing website and downloading of child images was eventually noticed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

In court, Balisteri read the following statement:

"I got caught up in something that I didn't know was this wrong. I'm sorry to all the families that I've caused problems and to the other people on the internet who I had not idea who they were. I understand that they are victims from my treatment in Pathways and I invaded their privacy. I have hurt my own family and broke their hearts. From this, I have lost all my friends and pretty much my future because of the sex offender list. But no matter what, I will strive to make my parents proud of me."

When Balisteri was arrested, he had only a few more months to go before graduating from Martin Luther High School in Greendale. Now, in addition to his prison time and extended supervision, he must also register as a sex offender.