Truck driver leaves waitress $2,000 tip

ROLAND, Ark. - A waitress at an Arkansas diner received a hefty tip of $2,000 from a Mississippi truck driver on Sunday.

After moving to Roland, Brenda Pearson has been working as a waitress at the 4 Star Diner and on Mother's Day she waited on a customer who placed a to-go order she'll never forget. He ordered a cheeseburger.

"It actually got made wrong first and I said well, it`s not correct, it needed two patties, but we fixed it and got it all ready," Brenda told KFSM.

When it was time to pay, the customer wanted to leave a surprise tip.

"The other customers were coming to pay out and he said $1000," Brenda said. "I said what? Are you serious? He said yes. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't hardly breathe. It took my breath away."

It was $1,000 that the truck driver, David Platt thought Pearson needed.

"It was late and there wasn`t really anybody around and so I got talking to her a little bit," David said. "We talked about the Lord and about her life and her children. I got the impression that she was having a hard time of it, so I thought I`d just help her out a little bit."

But that's not it. David came back for pie an hour later and left another $1,000 tip.

"I have two children at home," Brenda said. "I`ve been a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years. It will help us get caught up on the move and it was just God-sent."

Brenda wasn't the only one at the diner who was surprised by the big tip. Some of the regular customers said they were shocked too.

"Some of the girls get $20 on Sunday and stuff when they have special deals," Violet Hubbard, customer said. "But $1,000...$2,000? It`s amazing."

Although the $2,000 tip wasn't planned, David said he knew it was the right thing to do.

"Money is just paper or numbers on a screen," David said. "Self gratification only goes so far. So, when you`re helping another person, you`re adding something to the world. It`s an investment and people, people are what`s important."

Brenda said she's extremely thankful for the generosity of the truck driver. She hopes to use the money to also help take care of her stepdaughters and their families.