Trooper throws woman to safety seconds before sliding truck crashes

WAYNE COUNTY, Ill.  - An Illinois couple who survived an incredibly close call on an icy interstate hopes their story and dramatic dashcam video will cause drivers to be more careful.

The video from the Illinois State Police shows a box truck barreling toward the couple as two troopers are assisting them.

Peggy and Wilbur “Bud” Vaught live in Fairfield, Illinois.  They were on the side of I-64 when they discovered they had a flat tire.  Peggy Vaught was standing next to a trooper who was helping them when the truck started sliding.  She said, “It was over with before I knew what was going on.”

The video shows a trooper grabbing her and throwing her into a ditch to protect her from the sliding truck.  She estimates the truck was approximately six inches above her head as it passed over her.  Her husband was still in their car and managed to walk away from the crash even though it totaled their vehicle.  Peggy has a broken wrist.

“I’m still covered with bruises and everything but if I come out of this with only a broken wrist, that’s good,” she said.

The driver of the truck was cited for driving too fast for conditions and failure to reduce speed.  The Vaught's hope their story will help other drivers see just how important it is to slow down and move over when possible in situations where first responders or flashing lights are on an interstate shoulder.  The Illinois State Police reminds drivers that is the law in Illinois.

“Slow down,” said Peggy Vaught.  “No one’s paying attention anymore.”