Travel and Leisure: Milwaukee makes list of LEAST attractive cities; Madison MOST attractive

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin has made Travel & Leisure's list of America's LEAST attractive cities!

According to, in this year's America’s Favorite Places survey, T+L readers scored cities across a wide range of categories, including how attractive locals are.

Travel & Leisure officials had this to say about the survey:

"There’s no arguing that amidst its spacious skies and purple mountain majesties, the United States has some objectively gorgeous people. But looks aren’t everything, and, as the saying goes, 'beauty attracts the eye, but personality attracts the heart.' Some cities, it seems, rely more on the heart."

Milwaukee is #5 on the list of "LEAST attractive cities."

Travel & Leisure officials had this to say about the Brew City:

"Milwaukee is a city of contrasting personalities. There’s the artsy side, with a museum designed by Santiago Calatrava and a thriving theater scene that regularly stages world premieres. There’s the Germanic brew-town side, helmed by Miller but increasingly dominated by local craft brewers. And there’s the Midwest agricultural side, with the Wisconsin State Fair bringing cheese curds, cream puffs—a local specialty—and animal beauty contests to the region each summer. The city’s residents failed to take home the blue ribbon for their own looks though, coming in as the fifth-least attractive in the country."



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As for America's MOST attractive cities, there's one Wisconsin location that's made the list -- Madison!

Travel & Leisure officials had this to say about the list of most attractive cities:

"In the annual America's Favorite Places survey, readers of all stripes evaluate hundreds of cities and towns across a range of categories, from the friendliness of the locals to the quality of the pizza. Each of these merchandise meccas earn high praise for their gorgeous locals."

Madison is #10 on the list of most attractive cities.

Travel & Leisure officials had this to say about Madison:

"Anyone looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right needs to consider a move to Wisconsin’s state capital. T+L readers give Madisonians perfect or near-perfect scores for their friendliness, intelligence, quirkiness, athleticism, and, to top it off, good looks. Brainiacs affiliated with University of Wisconsin get their caffeine fix at Michaelangelo’s on State Street before going sailing (or, in the winter, ice fishing) on Lake Mendota. For date nights, they have dozens of bars and concert venues to choose from, earning Madison points for its vibrant singles scene."



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