Town of Geneva police has perfect response for concerned resident over 4th of July squad car wash

TOWN OF GENEVA -- The Town of Geneva Police Department had the perfect response to a resident calling to complain about an officer get a squad car washed on the Fourth of July.

Shared in Facebook video from the Town of Geneva police, the woman left a voicemail to report she saw a squad "sitting in the car wash line for a good 20 or 30 minutes."

She went on to say, "I'd like to believe on the Fourth of July, there's more important places that someone should be than sitting in a car wash line at ten in the morning. This is really troubling. I think there's probably better use of his time."

The Town of Geneva resident may have had a point if only the squad wasn't being prepped to participate in an annual Fourth of July parade.

Police had the perfect response for the concerned resident.

"I was washing a dirty squad car only to then participate in the Lake Como Property Association’s Annual 4th of July parade. I gave up time away from family to come in for the community for which I proudly serve and protect. If you wish to speak with me I will be back in for work at 6:30am tomorrow."

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