Town of Delafield voters pass referendum for new fire station

TOWN OF DELAFIELD (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned via a Town of Delafield official voters on Tuesday, February 18th approved a referendum for a new fire station.

The unofficial vote count was 725 "yes" votes and 688 "no" votes -- with 24% voter turnout.

This issue was contentious, as Town of Delafield taxpayers will end up paying $100 more on their property taxes to fund the new fire station.

Those in favor of a new fire station say it's a matter of safety.

"It's an old, antiquated station that's overcrowded. It's really difficult to work under these conditions," Fire Chief Paul Kozlowski said.

The current fire station -- a 5,000 square foot building, houses five trucks and at times, 40 firefighters. Trucks are parked near gear, some nearly hit the ceiling. Meanwhile, bathrooms double as storage areas, as space is limited.

"We need a fire department that can function safely and effectively and be there when you need them," Town Supervisor Cindi Duchow said.

The plan would put the new station more than a mile south of the current location. It could cost close to $4 million. Homeowners could end up paying $100 more on their property taxes.

"I do support that they need a station, but not at the huge cost to the taxpayers and not to move further away from a big population of the town," resident Lisa Cunningham said.

Voters have rejected similar plans twice in the past -- but it seems the third time was the charm.