'Tosa Restarts:' Common Council approves expedited review process for small businesses

WAUWATOSA -- The Wauwatosa Common Council approved the "Tosa Restarts" program which allows businesses to propose business solutions, then provides review and approvals in 72 hours or less.

Normally, these requests go through a committee for approval, a process that naturally takes longer. The Common Council waived these approvals to help businesses activate their ideas after COVID-19 impacted the small business community.

The goal is to generate vibrancy within Wauwatosa’s commercial districts, as well as eliminate or reduce fees where allowed, a release said.

A submitted application from a small business could be for activities like:

    One of the first restaurants approved was Alioto's on Mayfair Road. An outdoor tent with a full bar will be up through summer to allow patrons to practice social distancing.

    Business owners can make a request online for approval. Small businesses can also apply for financial assistance through the city.