Tony Robbins accused of sexual harassment, verbally abusive tirades

NEW YORK -- Tony Robbins wants you to come to his seminars and immerse yourself in his motivational mantras, but from BuzzFeed comes the story he "doesn't want you to read."

It's the result of a yearlong probe into the self-help life coach, complete with allegations of sexual harassment toward staffers and followers, verbally abusive behavior toward victims of rape and domestic violence, and exposure of fans to potentially risky techniques.

The outlet relied on interviews with Robbins' insiders and fans, internal files, and secret recordings that BuzzFeed describes as being "expletive-ridden tirades" against the very people he's supposed to be helping.

In one tape, Robbins can be heard laying into a woman who told him her husband had been emotionally abusive and physically violent. Robbins' response: to tell her he knew she was "lying" based on her "body" and "words," and to ask her, "Does he put up with you when you've been a crazy b----?" (Hear that clip here.)

Two fans signed under-oath statements for BuzzFeed claiming Robbins sexually harassed them by aggressively pursuing them despite their disinterest, while two ex-assistants say they had to work in his presence while he was naked; a third former staffer says she was fired after a consensual sexual relationship with him.

Witnesses also back up for BuzzFeed claims that Robbins created and maintained a "highly sexualized environment." A letter from Robbins' legal team denies much of the allegations, including "engaging in any alleged 'inappropriate sexual behavior'" or ever being "intentionally naked" in front of staffers.

Robbins "admits he has made mistakes in relationships and other aspects of his life, but he never behaved in the manner intimated by these salacious and false accusations," the statement notes. Read BuzzFeed's in-depth piece here. (The story also notes Robbins' 2018 #MeToo misstep.)