Tiron Grant sentenced to 37 years in prison for fatal shooting of Patrick Presley

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Tiron Grant, 33, on Monday, April 16 to 37 years in prison plus another 10 years of extended supervision. This, in connection with the fatal shooting of Patrick Presley, 37, on Jan. 1, 2017.

Milwaukee police say Presley was fatally shot inside Dee’s Elegance Bar & Grill after getting into an altercation with at least two other people. Witnesses say it started after a man had been harassing Presley’s fiancee. Presley died on scene, despite life-saving efforts of first responders.

Fatal shooting at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill near Fond du Lac and Villard

When investigators arrived on scene, they reviewed security camera footage. According to the criminal complaint, "the video showed two subjects involved in the shooting. One of the subjects, who was wearing a white dress shirt, is shown in the video throwing a punch at the victim, Presley. The second subject then advances very quickly on the victim with his right arm outstretched. The video shows the victim falling to the floor. The video shows the second subject standing over the victim, right arm still outstretched. Muzzle flash is observed toward the end of this second subject’s arm."

Tiron Grant

During an interview with investigators, Tiron Grant stated that he and his cousins were preparing to leave Dee’s Elegance Bar & Grill when he noticed a woman and said “hi” to her. This caused Presley — who was unknown to Grant—to confront him. Grant states that Presley actually grabbed him by the face and pushed him, according to the criminal complaint.

Grant told police he thought Presley might be reaching for a gun, so he produced a revolver from his pants pocket and shot Presley multiple times.