Tips to prepare your vehicle for the frigid cold weather

MILWAUKEE (WITI) --  The frigid temperatures could have an adverse effect, not only on your health, but on your vehicles. Aside from letting your car run for a minute or two, allowing it to stabilize and warm the transmission, there are other tips motorists should follow for a safe drive.

Workers at Eddie's Service say they have been seeing an influx of customers during the cold season. From small to major repairs, drivers are focusing on preventative care.

Some of the simple but crucial things to be done in order to maintain the well-being of your vehicle is to make sure your gas tank is full and let the vehicle warm up before driving.

Taking a moment to go over a cold weather checklist before getting into your vehicle can save you trouble down the road. Items to check include the oil level and battery.

It’s also recommended that drivers perform a general inspection on the outside of their vehicles, checking that tires are properly inflated and the exhaust pipe is clear of snow and ice.