Tips on surviving an emergency while on a plane

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Saturday's crash landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was an example of why it is important to pay attention to a flight attendant's pre-flight instructions. All those passengers needed to exit the plane -- and fast! If you were in an emergency, would you know what do to?

Frequent fliers may often settle in, buckle up and tune out the safety briefings at the beginning of a flight, but that short announcement can provide some of the best preparation for an accident like the one that occurred in San Francisco this weekend -- where more than 300 people survived.

"They got lucky, and many things in the plane help people to survive. The survivability factors have increased dramatically the last 15 years," former DOT Inspector Mary Schiavo said.

The most important rule in the cabin is following crew member instructions.

"Be very sure that on every plane that you go on that you listen very carefully to what the steward or stewardess is telling you as far as survival," Safety Consultant Nancy Harvey Steorts said.

Before takeoff, the FAA recommends passengers: