Thursday, October 25th is National Greasy Food Day

(CNN) -- Would you like fries with that? October 25 is National Greasy Food Day.

With all the talk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, it seems a bit odd to celebrate a type of food that (when eaten in excess) isn't traditionally considered healthy. But, greasy food isn't always what you think.

Let's start with what makes greasy food greasy - the oil. Cooking oils come from one of four categories: seeds, fruits, nuts or vegetables. Most of these we're familiar with, like peanut oil or canola oil. Others might sound a little foreign, like sesame or avocado oil.

Now, not only fried food can be greasy. Ever had an overdressed salad? That's greasy too. Too much oil and it coats the tongue, making it hard to taste anything else. Oils can add flavor too; fruit and nut oils make for great dressings.

Then there's the "good" greasy food - the stuff you want at 3 a.m. after a night out and the reason they call it "Fryday". Whether you indulge on French fries or a fried Twinkie, if you're going do it, do it right.

One last thing to remember: It's not scientifically proven that greasy food cures a hangover, but if that's what helps then who are we to judge. However, might we recommend eating a full meal before a night of imbibing as you'll likely not need the grease the next day.