Thrills in the sky in Waukesha! Aerobatic pilots put on a show during "Wings Over Waukesha"

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- There are only a handful of female aerobatic pilots in the world, and this weekend, two of them were in Waukesha! Patty Wagstaff and Susan Dacy helped to put the focus on women in aviation, and to inspire others to pursue a life in the clouds during the annual "Wings Over Waukesha" air show.

The tarmac in Waukesha this weekend was set up to replicate a real-life World War II encampment. It was one of many things to see and do at the 4th annual "Wings Over Waukesha" event.

The theme of this year's event was "Women in Aviation." Patty Wagstaff has been flying the skies since the 80s.

"I like the precision maneuvers. I do a lot of really crazy stuff, you know, tumbling and all this stuff -- but I like to do it perfect. Like a perfect hammerhead where you come up and then down and a perfect loop," Wagstaff said.

As Wagstaff entertained folks from up high in the sky, down on the ground, a B-17 was drawing a crowd.

"A very special plane. A plane that had a significant impact in us winning World War II," B-17 Operations Manager George Daubner said.

The B-17 travels eight months of the year -- hitting 42 cities. It is a true salute to veterans who have the chance to climb inside.

"I`ve never had anyone come off this airplane without a big smile," Daubner said.

"Wings Over Waukesha's" Kid Zone made it the perfect family event. The Kid Zone featured an F-117 set up for pictures and a pool equipped for scuba diving lessons offered by Boy Scouts.

"Hands-on, up close and personal. You`re meeting the pilots, you`re seeing them fly, hear them talk about it," Kurt Stanich, the president of Wings Over Waukesha said.

"Wings Over Waukesha" runs through 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

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