Three Handy Bookmarks

Keeping up with all of the new websites and apps that launch each month can be tough. But from sites that get you good deals on auto repair, to finding cheaper airline tickets, the web really can make your life easier.

First up, a bookmark that will come in handy before you say yes to any car repair. Heading to a new repair shop, you're not sure if what they're asking you to pay is a fair price, Repairpal can help.

"We put that power in your purse to help you figure out what a fair price is. It can also help you find a great repair shop," said Andrew Drake Senior VP of Repairpal. He added, "We interview about 25 of their customers to make sure that the people are really delighted in coming there".

Next up, another website that helps you save money--but this time it's for buying flights. Self-described computer geek, and CEO of, Jeff Klee is making it his mission to get you up in the air with ease.

"We are better way to buying airline tickets. We take a totally different approach on how to show you flights" Klee said.

Select departure and return flights separately and it's easy to see what your plan offers in terms of WiFi, live TV and more.

"We do a really good job in finding low-fares where you have to take one airline going out and another airline coming back." Klee added.

His low fare advice--buy 4 to 6 weeks in advance--and on a Tuesday!

Talk about making your life easier, my last bookmark, is actually a book! Now, you might not play video games with your kids..but at least you can know what they're up too.

I caught up with Scott Steinberg, about his book,"The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video games".

"The Modern Parent's Guide is the world's first high-tech parenting series covering all aspects of connected life," said Steinberg.

It's packed with terms to know, an explanation of video game ratings, safety tips, plus step by step instructions on how to set parental controls for a variety of devices.

"Kids are going to encounter questionable content whether it's through software work-arounds or going to friend's houses. So you have to encourage them to come forward if they have questions or concerns about anything they see online," suggests Steinberg.

The best part is, the e-book version is totally free.

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