Thousands sign petition, protesting Old Navy -- upset over the price of women's plus size clothing

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Some customers are protesting retailer Old Navy for marking up the prices of women's plus size clothing...but not men's.

More than 30,0000 people have signed a petition.

Shoppers will find the same pricetag on a pair of size two jeans, and size 18 jeans.

The Old Navy Plus line is only available online, and that's where customers are noticing a double-digit price difference.

Men's clothing prices are consistent, regardless of the size.

"That seems obviously sexist and kind of plays along with different views of men and women that it's okay for men to be older and fatter and all that kind of stuff, but not so much for women," one customer said.

GAP, which owns Old Navy says it is more expensive to make plus size clothes for women.

The company attributes the increased cost to a separate design team dedicated to the Old Navy Plus line.