'Thought it was a prank:' DJ fired after scuffle caught on camera during wedding in Waukesha

Bonny and Luke Schlosser

WAUKESHA -- A dropped microphone during a wedding toast led to a scuffle, and it was all caught on camera. It happened in Waukesha, and FOX6 News spoke with the bride and groom on Monday, May 20.

Bonny and Luke Schlosser knew each other as teenagers and got together later in life. After recent hardships, they hoped for an extra special wedding day. What they got was their wedding DJ going over the edge.

"It didn't stop. He...kept swearing," said Bonny Schlosser.

"I thought it was a prank," said Luke Schlosser.

Police logs showed the DJ called 911 to report he was hit. The report said the best man was giving his speech when he dropped the microphone on the table. The DJ became angry when the best man wouldn't give him the microphone back. The DJ then hit several filled glasses, which poured over the bridesmaids.


The Schlossers said this wasn't the only problem with their venue, "Tuscan Hall."

"We tried to make light of everything that was happening," said Luke Schlosser.

The Schlossers said they were locked out of the venue at one point, and there were awkward long pauses during the reception coordination. They said they later learned the venue was short-staffed. They were also promised the recommended DJ would guide them through the reception, which didn't happen.

After the incident, the DJ stayed for over an hour, despite being offered money to leave.

"You have my credit card on file. I signed a waiver that if we damage any of your equipment, we have to pay for it," said Schlosser.

Officials with Tuscan Hall Banquet Center & Catering issued this statement to FOX6 News:

"Tuscan Hall deeply regrets that this altercation marred their wedding night. We do not condone any of this behavior. It was a very isolated conflict between the D.J. and the wedding party. After the altercation, Tuscan Hall actually paid for another D.J. for the remainder of the evening at the halls expense so the guests could enjoy the rest of the evening. That D.J. performed without incident and the party continued as scheduled until 12:00 a.m.

We have been serving the community for over 5 years and have been rated as a 5 star wedding venue that has received awards and accolades for our services, and nothing like this has ever happened. While Tuscan Hall recommended the services of an award winning entertainment company that provided the D.J., the D.J. was not an employee of, or affiliated with, Tuscan Hall. Tuscan Hall has been in contact with the entertainment company who provided the D.J. That D.J. has since been terminated."

The Schlossers, who have been through a lot, including the loss of the bride's father, said the damage was done on their special day.

"You can't make up your wedding day," said Bonny Schlosser. “My photographer Tia (Lee Photography), was the main and only thing that kept our wedding positive and did her absolute very best - which isn’t what she was hired for.”

The couple said the photographer called in the DJ and coordinated the entire night -- and they wanted to thank her.

The Schlossers said Monday they had not heard from Tuscan Hall officials -- and they were hoping to get some of their money back.