Thompson, Baldwin debate for last time before election

MILWAUKEE -- It was the final Senate showdown between Tammy and Tommy. Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson said he has a record of working with both sides, and made the case for lower taxes for everyone and helping small businesses. Thompson said, "I cut taxes 91 times, passed welfare reform, school choice.”

U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin called herself a proud progressive and said she's the one who will fight for Wisconsin's middle class by making sure everyone gets a fair shot.  Baldwin said, “I want to be the voice for hard-working, middle class people of this state, help rebuild our economy.”

Thompson said he would support the Keystone Pipeline to create jobs on day one. He said he wanted to repeal Obamacare, but added that he didn't think we should "tear it up and throw it out," that there are some parts he does support.

Baldwin said more legislation to stand up to China on trade was needed and "Buy American" legislation. She said she supports Obamacare as well and would not fight for a single payer system.

Early voting has already begun in Wisconsin, election day is November 6th.