This travel website offers a 'suite' alternative to Airbnb

A website called Suiteness helps you book connecting rooms at hotels around the world so you can stay close to friends and family when you travel.

When you think a large family or group travel, Airbnb might be the first website to come to mind. But there is an alternative - especially if you like the amenities that come with staying at a hotel. A website called Suiteness helps you book connecting hotel rooms around the world.

Not just any old hotel rooms, but a suite connected to a regular room, so your entire party has a place to gather.

If you've ever traveled with a group or even a family of four, you know the typical routine - you all have to retire to individual rooms at the end of the night or whisper while the kids are sleeping in the bed nearby.

"When you come back to the room, to be able to hang out and open the bottle of wine or share a meal, it’s those moments that are really the memory makers of a trip," explained Kate Rapier, a concierge at Suiteness.

You know that connecting door that you always see when you stay in a hotel room? Suiteness helps you unlock the possibilities of it.

"We’ve developed a technology to be able to block those suites and connecting rooms together, which you can’t do if you call the hotel directly," explained Rapier.

Suiteness works with major hotel brands including Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, Fairmont and Hyatt. There are lots of other independent properties as well.

We visited Hyatt's Andaz West Hollywood hotel on Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip - a place with spectacular suites and quite the backstory.

"Jim Morrison lived here for a while, before we evicted him, Led Zeppelin used to rent the entire 11th floor out," explained Nate Hardesty, general manager of the hotel.

Nate Hardesty, general manager of Andaz West Hollywood