'This is going to help me help others:' 1st transgender woman at Alverno reflects on start to school year

MILWAUKEE -- As college students near the end of the fall semester, one student is making a difference at Alverno College in her own way. She's the first transgender woman to attend the college.

Most students lose track of the papers they get on the first day of college, but Victoria Garcia kept them all.

"So many people just see it as a piece of paper but this was kind of like a constitution for me," Garcia said.

She's making history as the first transgender woman to attend the all-women, catholic school.

"There needs to be a first for everything and I feel like this is going to help me help others especially," said Garcia.

Victoria Garcia

Garcia said her faith is what drew her to Alverno. She's studying to be a teacher while also sharing her musical talents.

The humble trailblazer hopes her story will inspire others to push the boundaries and follow their dreams, just like she did.

"Alverno really acknowledges trans people but really anyone," Garcia said. "I'm trying to let other trans people know that Alverno is such an amazing and safe place."

"Her admission to Alverno really solidified in her own heart and mind but in her family's hearts and minds that she does have a place she can belong," said Wendy Powers, dean of students at Alverno.

Wendy Powers

Garcia said, when she graduates, she hopes to become a teacher and also one day, become a nun.

The second week of November marks Transgender Awareness Week which raises awareness for and addresses issues people in the transgender community face.