"This dress was for him:" Fiance dies 52 days before his wedding day; bride takes part in moving tribute

It was just 52 days before Janine was to marry her soul mate, Johnny. Johnny passed away unexpectedly.

To honor her late fiance, Janine took part in a memorial photo shoot with Del Sol Photography -- wearing the dress she had intended to wear when she married Johnny.

Courtesy Del Sol Photography

Partnering with Dreams Resorts, photographer Matt Adcock took the photos and wrote in Del Sol Photography‘s blog, “After I heard Janine’s story, I really wanted to do what I could to create a magical adventure for her. She told me that she felt a strong connection with the element of water, for its cleansing and purifying qualities and the sense of freedom she felt while swimming. I knew that the natural aquatic wonders of the Riviera Maya would offer great comfort and would be the perfect vehicle for her healing process.“

Janine said she did it to free herself from losing her fiance. She said, “This dress was for him.”

Courtesy Del Sol Photography

The dress, which was built from scratch, has been cleaned and restored to pristine condition for Janine to treasure.

For more on Janine’s moving story, watch the video below, andclick here.

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