This backpack doubles as a bulletproof vest

A company touts the world's safest backpack since it can also stop bullets.

It looks like a typical backpack, but it does much more than hold your laptop. The Leatherback Gear backpack doubles as a bulletproof vest.

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It was invented by a law enforcement professional who saw the need, after so many "active shooter" scenarios. The backpack contains two removable, reinforced kevlar shields that can stop bullets up to a 44 magnum.

To put the backpack on as a bulletproof vest, you pull on a red tab to unzip the middle of it. Then, you place the backpack over your head and cinch some ties on the sides for a tight fit.

We took the backpack to Evans Shooter's World in Orange, California to try it out. We placed the backpack on a dummy and fired several rounds at it from a very close distance. While the backpack had visible damage to the front, bullets never made it all the way through.

The backpack starts at $330 and Leatherback Gear says it is aimed at a law enforcement clientele, but any civilian can benefit from the backpack if they feel vulnerable.