Thin Tablets, Sleek PCs Dominate CES 2012

CES 2012 was the second largest in history with companies and press from all over the world.

There wasn't one groundbreaking product this year, but we found the stuff we use everyday getting faster, thinner and clearer.

Many big name brands displayed what we can expect for the future of consumer products.

LG packed a one two punch with a huge OLED 3D T.V.

“LG’s 55 inch T.V. is half the width of an iPhone. It’s super thin, has an infinite contrast ratio and has a very high resolution,” a LG representative said.

Beyond the living room, LG revealed a refrigerator that can help you chill out in record time.

“Two cans of beer, one bottle of wine, you pop it here and shut the door. Eight minutes later it’s 42 degrees,” said the LG representative. “Ice cold ready to drink.”

Sony introduced a new display technology called crystal LED, while Samsung showed off smart apps and voice controlled sets.

Toshiba introduced the worlds thinnest tablet with the Excite X10, complete with plenty of ports.

And Griffin launched a small but powerful speaker that wirelessly pumps out your tunes.

Griffin’s Twenty is the easiest way to fill a room with amplified music directly from your iPhone,” said a Griffin representative.

Always looking for a the power outlet to charge your fleet of gadgets? POWERBAG isn't just a cool looking backpack, it’s a portable charging center. Powerbags have a built-in battery that will charge four devices in the bag at the same time according to the company.

Speaking of power, the Spare One cell phone is great for the emergency car kit. It lasts 15 years on one battery and costs just 50 dollars

It wasn’t all good news at the event though. CES 2012 marked Microsoft's last major appearance and as usual Apple was nowhere to be found, except for accessories galore.