"They're orphans:" Investigation underway after someone seemingly dumped box of owlets in park

KAUFMAN, Texas -- Police in Kaufman, Texas are investigating after someone seemingly dumped a box of owlets in a city park!

The City of Kaufman Police Department posted on Facebook Wednesday:

"Last night, our officers were called to City Lake Park because someone had dumped five baby owls in a box at the park. They will be on their way to a bird rescue facility in Hutchins shortly. Did you know that baby owls hiss when they are scared (or angry)?!?!?"

Now, an investigation is underway to determine who did this.

"We're not sure of the whole story at this point," said Erich Neupert, Blackland Prairie Raptor Center executive director. "We received four barn owls from Kathy Rogers with Rogers Wildlife, which is great. They ended up down there and they were transferred up to us."

While the question of 'who' remains a mystery, at the owl hotel, otherwise known as the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, the owlets were seen by veterinarians.

"We are giving them exams at this point to see how they are doing," said Neupert. "I think they're going to be fine. They're just orphans."

The folks at Blackland Prairie Raptor Center said they've seen a lot more baby birds this year due to the weather.

"We've had a lot of storms. The weather has been a little bit warmer than usual, so the babies are showing up earlier," Neupert said.

So what should you do if you see a little guy on the ground?

"The biggest issue we have is people try to take baby birds home. A baby bird taken home doesn't learn how to hunt, survive in the wild at all," Neupert said.

So while they may be so homely that they're cute when they're young, you should always let the professionals care for them.