"They're heroes:" Ozaukee County honors veterans with World War II reenactment

OZUAKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- It's a step back in time in Ozaukee County today. Hundreds gathered at the Pioneer Village for a World War II reenactment as a salute to veterans.

The sounds of battle rang out across Ozaukee County Saturday morning, May 16th as hundreds of professional reenactors recreated the World War II 'Final Push to Victory.'

"They're not like Hollywood, you're not going to see blood and guts and all that stuff but they can be intense. You'll see guys taking cover and blasting blanks back and forth at each other," said Matt Miller, reenactment coordinator.

And they do it to honor the veterans.

"They're golden to us, they're heroes," said Miller.

"We still have so many of those World War II folks still around and need to be recognized and need to be thanked for what they did," said Vice President of Ozaukee County Historical Society, Allen Buchholz.

This reenactment is commemorating V-E Day 70 years later. It shows how much we've changed but to how much is very similar like the USO Travelers Aid center.

"It was formed in order to help with the morale. The mission statement is still very much alive and the need is still here and so we're trying to do the same thing in the 1940's," said Jacqueline Dethloff, USO volunteer.

The dedication to this craft is unmatched complete with vintage weapons used during the war.

"These guys and girls spend thousands of their own hard earned money to collect this stuff and show it to the public," said Miller.

And to teach civilians our history through a living story.

"It isn't just looking at a display or reading a book, it's talking to people that truly play the characters and know what's going on," said Buchholz.

So many came to enjoy the show and this gem of Ozaukee County, The Pioneer Village.

When the battles were over, the reenactors held a surrender ceremony and then a big USO dance inside the hall.