They're back!!! Stolen kittens, "Big Mac" and "Chicken Nugget" returned to Humane Society!

WASHINGTON COUNTY (WITI) -- They're back! Washington County Humane Society officials say Big Mac and Chicken Nugget -- two kittens stolen from the Humane Society are back at the shelter.

The Humane Society posted to its Facebook page Wednesday, December 10th a message that says the kittens were returned "by a concerned citizen."

The kittens were stolen from the shelter last week -- when a cage was accidentally left unlocked and unsupervised.

They are just three months old. They were found weeks ago at a nearby McDonalds, which is how they got their names.

Officials were particularly worried about the kittens because they are on medication for round worm.

The Humane Society had a cage outside covered in blankets with food and water -- asking that the kittens be returned, no questions asked.

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